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Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics - 2nd Edition

Most pilots and flight students wince at the mention of the term "aerodynamics" because most courses and books dealing with the subject do so using complicated scientific theory and mathematical formulas. And yet, an understanding of aerodynamics is essential to the people who operate and maintain airplanes.

This unique introductory guide, which sold more than 20,000 copies in its first edition, proves that the principles of flight can be easy to understand, even fascinating, to pilots and technicians who want to know how and why an aircraft behaves as it does. Avoiding technical jargon and complex calculations, Hubert "Skip" Smith demonstrates how aerodynamic factors affect all aircraft in terms of lift, thrust, drag, in-air performance, stability, and control. Readers also get an inside look at how modern aircraft are designed-including all the steps in the design process, from concept to test flight and the reasoning behind them.

This edition features expanded coverage of aircraft turning and accelerated climb performance, takeoff velocities, load and velocity-load-factors, area rules, and hypersonic flight, as well as the latest advances in laminar flow airfoils, wing and fuselage design, and high-performance lightplanes. Question and answer sections are added for classroom use.

Table of contents:

    • history of flight
    • aerostatics
    • heavier than air flight
    • science of aerodynamics
  • LIFT
    • physics of lift
    • pressure distribution
    • airfoil designation
    • wing lift and span effects
    • spanwise lift and stall sequence
    • lift coefficient and quantity
    • flaps
    • other devices for controlling lift
  • DRAG
    • parasitic drag
    • skin friction and boundary layer
    • wakes and pressure drag
    • drag coefficient
    • induced drag
    • total drag
    • equivilent flat plate area
    • ground effect
    • principles of propulsion
    • jet engines
    • reciprocating engines
    • superchargers
    • propellers
    • turboprop and turbojet performance
    • level flight performance
    • climb performance
    • twin engine climb performance
    • descent and glide performance
    • range
    • endurance
    • cruise efficiency
    • takeoff
    • balanced field length
    • landing
    • jet aircraft performance
    • maneuvering
    • accelerated climb
    • airplane axes
    • longitudinal stability
    • dynamic stability
    • center of gravity effects
    • controls
    • directional stability
    • lateral stability
    • lateral dynamic motion
    • turning performance
    • speed of sound
    • mach numbers
    • shock waves
    • critical mach number
    • airfoils in transonic flight
    • wave drag
    • swept wings
    • high speed airfoils
    • control problems
    • area rule
    • hypersonic flight
    • airworthiness requirements
    • design phases
    • initial conception
    • fuselage design
    • wing design
    • powerplant section
    • landing gear configuration
    • tail design
    • first estimation
    • computer aided design
    • wind tunnel design
    • types of wind tunnel tests
    • high speed wind tunnels
    • flight testing
    • design evolution
    • canards
    • flying wings
    • aspect ration devices
    • swept wings
    • modern airfoil design
  • Aerodynamic data for four NACA four-digit airfoils and properties of the atmosphere
  • Review Questions, Problems and Answers

About the Author:

A licensed pilot for forty years with a commercial certificate, instrument rating and flight and ground instructor certificates, H.C. "Skip" Smith is director of undergraduate studies in aerospace engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

Second Edition, Softcover, 337 pages.

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