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Jeppesen Aviation Weather Textbook | 4th Edition

Aviation Weather is designed to help the new student of aviation understand the atmosphere in which he or she operates. It also serves as a valuable reference source for pilots at all levels of experience. Whether your connection to flying is as a new student to aviation, a certified pilot, controller, dispatcher, scientist, engineer, or an interested passenger, Aviation Weather helps you understand the strong interdependence of aviation and meteorology through the use of over 300 full color illustrations and photographs. It is written with a minimum of mathematics and a maximum of practical information.

Learn about weather as it pertains to aviation with this easy-to-understand book. This award-winning, 480-page hardcover textbook is extensively updated with the latest METAR, TAF and Graphic Weather Products from AC00-45G, Aviation Weather Services.

Using the time-tested, proven study/review concept pioneered by Jeppesen, Aviation Weather delivers everything a budding weather expert needs. Plus, this new edition updates; much of the previous content and adds new material on recent developments in weather science and technology so you studies are as current as possible.

  • Over 500 full-color illustrations and photographs
  • Covers topics like icing, weather hazards, and flight planning
  • Reviews material with questions with answers at the end of the book
  • Appendices cover common conversions, weather reports, forecasts, and charts, as well as domestic and international METAR, TAF, and graphic weather products
  • Includes international weather considerations
  • Examples of accidents/incidents helps illustrate the weather data

In this fourth edition of Aviation Weather, the author has added information about new developments in the acquisition of weather data and how pilots can access and apply that data. Examples of available weather products have been updated and the text revised to reflect the shift toward electronic access to weather reports and forecasts. Reader input prompted the addition of many new NTSB reports to illustrate relevant flying hazards. The author added an additional real-world scenario to demonstrate how weather information can be applied during flight planning. Lester also clarified several explanations of the basic physical concepts that create weather and updated many of the descriptions of atmospheric phenomena.

Fourth Edition, Softcover, 2013, 480 pages.

Companion Lab Manual: Jeppesen Aviation Weather Laboratory Manual

Old Jeppesen Number: JS319010
New Jeppesen Number: 10001850
ISBN: 9780884875949

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Price: $63.95
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