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Harper Aviation Ultimate Kneeboard - Fixed Ring

The Ultimate Kneeboard® is the ultimate pilot's accessory. It comes in two styles to suit your needs: the Fixed Ring and Loose Ring styles both have their own respective advantages.

"A modification of a military design, it does everything most pilots would want a Kneeboard to do. It is compact, so it doesn't interfere with the control yoke. Thanks to a 2.5-inch wide elastic band and Velcro® enclosure, it is secure and comfortable." - Flight Training Magazine

The Ultimate Kneeboard® has a clipboard that conveniently holds maps or note pads. It has clear sheet protectors, and a binder to hold commonly available IFR approach charts and checklists. The pocket can hold a small E6-B flight computer and elastic loops securely hold pens, pencils, and a standard flight flashlight.

The Ultimate Kneeboard® keeps everything you need at your fingertips. Finally, you can find everything you need without fumbling or searching!

The Ultimate Kneeboard® helps you stay organized in the cockpit and its small size (8″x12″) does not interfere with flight controls. It's perfect for all types of flying and all types of pilots: students, private, instrument, commercial and instructor. Included is the information packed VFR/IFR In-Flight Guide supplement.

Each Ultimate Kneeboard® is made of durable black Cordura™ nylon and hand-sewn in Eagle, Idaho. It is indeed the ultimate pilot kneeboard.

Harper Aviation Fixed Kneeboard

The fixed-ring model is the most popular kneeboard. The convenience of the snap-open, ring binder design makes it ideal for quickly changing pages, charts and checklists. Pilots flying into multiple airports or flying a variety of planes will find the fixed-ring design perfectly suited for them.

The In-Flight Guide supplement contains five pages of valuable information for both the VFR and IFR pilot. Each page comes with its own page protector and the back of each page was purposely left blank so that you can add any additional information you would like to have quickly available during flight.

Some of the information contained in the In-Flight Guide includes:

  • VFR weather minimums
  • Flight plan form
  • Various conversion charts
  • Holding pattern entry procedures
  • Lost communication procedures
  • Air Route Traffic Control Center frequencies
  • Light gun signals
  • UTC time conversion
  • Hemispheric cruising altitudes
  • Easy to use crosswind chart
  • And much more!
Harper Aviation Kneeboard

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Made in the USA.

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