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Instrument Flying  - 4th Edition
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Instrument Flying - 4th Edition

A straight forward description of what you've previously learned, to be used either as a supplement, a refresher, or as a "that's what they meant" explanation. In this manner, this book describes most conceivable IFR situations, from clearance interpretation, to holding patterns, to airport diversions, to various normal and situational and missed approaches.

This book is a valuable link between theory and what instrument flying is really like. It's a book to read all the way through and also to have handy for those free moments, to open anywhere, and gain a useful piece of information.

It is difficult to dig out all the information about instrument flying. I've tried by reading stuffy technical books, the stiff FAA publications, and formal study courses designed to get one through the FAA exams. Even after all this digging, there is still a long way to discover what its really like. Mostly this comes from experience.

Instrument Flying cuts this process short because it tells, as it teaches what's behind the formal stuff. In doing this, the book gives experience. I wish it had been around years ago; it would have made things a lot easier.

Table of contents:

  • The Complete Instrument Pilot
  • The Language of instrument Flying
  • Attitude instrument flying
  • Partial Panel IFR
  • IFR Flight Plans
  • Preflight Planning
  • IFR Clearances
  • Communicating in the IFR system
  • VOR navigation
  • Area navigation (RNAV)
  • Enroute Procedures
  • Communications Failure
  • Holding Patterns
  • Getting ready for an instrument approach
  • Instrument approaches
  • The NDB (ADF) approach
  • The VOR Approach
  • The instrument landing system (ILS) approach
  • High altitude IFR
  • Handling IFR emergencies
  • Proficiency exercises

About the Author:

Jerry A. Eichenberger is a licensed commercial pilot rated for single-engine and multiengine airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. He holds an airplane instrument rating and is a certified flight instructor rated for single-engine and multiengine airplanes and instrument instruction. Mr. Eichenberger is a practicing attorney in the area of aviation law, and represents manufacturers, maintenance facilities, flight schools, airlines, airports, and individual pilots and aircraft owners.

Fourth Edition, Hardcover, 330 pages.

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