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Flight Emergency

What if you could fly realistic emergency scenarios yourself, make critical decisions and face the consequences, all while safely on the ground? With the innovative new book Flight Emergency by Reya Kempley, one is able to do just that. In eight unique and entertaining scenarios, the reader takes the role of pilot-in-command.

In the face of pressures from challenging weather, difficult passengers, arriving at the destination on time, and aircraft malfunctions, the reader must make the critical decisions, dictating the course of the plot and the flight... for better or for worse. While flight simulators provide excellent technical training, their ability to introduce the emotional, human aspect to the flight is limited. Unfortunately, the opportunity for pilots of all levels to practice realistic aeronautical decision making (ADM) usually exists only during real-life flights, where there is little room for error. Flight Emergency changes that. If the reader makes a risky decision, the lesson can be safely learned on the ground without danger to life and limb. The reader may turn back and make a different decision next time, fully exploring the options of each flight scenario.

The book is also enriched by hand-drawn illustrations, bringing the reader further into the pilot s role for each story. Aspiring pilots, experienced pilots, and aviation buffs alike will all enjoy taking the left seat in Flight Emergency!

About the Author:

A private pilot, Reya Kempley sought a way to learn about in-flight emergencies that better simulated the realities of decision making that all pilots face. She learned to fly with her brother after earning a bachelorï¾’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Art from the University of Nevada, Reno, and discovered a new passion in aviation. She currently runs a business with her family and enjoys flying with her brother in the beautiful and challenging landscape of the American West.

In her spare time, in addition to flying and enjoying the outdoors, Reya pursues target shooting, a sport in which she has competed since the age of nine. Representing the USA in three World Shooting Championships, she was a member of a medal-winning team each time.

About the Expert Reviewer:

John B. Brown earned his private pilot certificate as a teenager, during the summer between high school graduation and his freshman year in college. He has logged more than 8,000 total hours and provided student pilots with 6,000 hours of CFI/CFII flight instruction.

He has three college degrees and spent the majority of his career in corporate America, as an executive with Fortune 500 companies. When he retired from corporate life, he decided to pursue his life-long infatuation with aviation, in terms of starting a flight school and sharing his aeronautical passion with others. He was motivated in this direction based on previous teaching experience at a major Eastern University and having been a corporate training executive.

John resides in Northern Nevada and owns a flight school, Flying Start Aero, LLC based in Reno, Nevada.

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