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Product Code SCK-PRO-AMC
SureCheck's American Champion Decathlon Pro Checklist

Sometimes you need all the checklist information in a quick-reference format. SureCheck PROル checklists offer just that.

Product Code SCK-P-RATING
SureCheck's Airman Rating and Certificate Checklists

These comprehensive checklists for airman certificates and ratings allow for an easy review of tasks in preparation.

List Price: $12.95
Product Code SC-3205
Sani-Com Cleaning Towelette 200 PK
Single Use Technology Towelettes A Highly Effective Microbial Cleaner!
List Price: $29.95
Product Code SAP-4
Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications - 5th Edition
This book takes you through the airspace system using typical examples of radio transmissions to help increase your comfort level when using the mic.
List Price: $19.95
Product Code SA-2
Aircraft Log - Hard Cover
Designed to help keep records of entire aircraft in order, simplifying recordkeeping and ensuring compliance with the regulations.
List Price: $12.95
Product Code RW-4
Rotary Wing Flight
Reprint of US Army FM 1-51, edited and adapted for civilian helicopter students.
List Price: $15.95
Product Code ROUMENS-M3
M-3 - The Mile, The Mach, The Minute - Mental Math
Mental Math for Aviators - Ditch the Calculator!
by Mike Roumens
List Price: $24.95
Product Code ROD-TIPS-DVD
Rod Machado's IFR Flying Tips and Techniques on DVD
If you've enjoyed Rod's presentation in the ABC's Wide World of Flying and Wonderful World of Flying video magazines, you're sure to enjoy this tape. Rod has incorporated six of his most popular IFR segments into this educational video and interspersed live, humorous clips from one of his popular seminars between each story segment.
by Rod Machado
List Price: $29.95
Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook - MP3 Files on DVD
Welcome to your instructor in an audio book. Written by veteran ground and flight instructor Rod Machado, this audiobook is presented in a warm, conversational manner and spiced with humor. Rod's tried and true methods of instruction, honed through more than 30 years of teaching experience, have achieved exceptional results with thousands of aviation students.
by Rod Machado
List Price: $119.95
Product Code ROD-PPH-3
Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook - 3rd Edition

This is a valuable one-stop handbook for both student and licensed pilots.

List Price: $74.95
Product Code ROD-PP-WORK
Rod Machado's Private Pilot Workbook

This book is intended to be used in conjunction with Rod Machadoメs Private Pilot Handbook. The questions are organized to follow the presentation of material, section for section, as found in the Handbook. Not only will this book prepare you for the Private Pilot Knowledge Exam, it will help you understand and absorb the knowledge necessary for you to fly safely.

Rod Machado's Plane Talk
Contains Nearly 100 flights of fun and knowledge that will stimulate your aviation brain and tickle your funny bone. You'll read about higher learning, the value of aviation history and literature. It's more than just a few articles written to make you laugh.
by Rod Machado
List Price: $29.95
Product Code ROD-IFR-HBK-2
Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook
The answers to all things IFR can be found in the just-released Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook.
by Rod Machado
List Price: $64.95
Product Code ROD-HUMOR-DVD
Aviation Humor with Rod Machado - Live on DVD
This is live aviation humor at its best. Rod will have you laughing and wheezing with his wild and crazy aviation stories in this one hour live presentation given before 3,000 pilots.
by Rod Machado
List Price: $29.95
Product Code ROD-HTF-MP3
Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane - MP3
Looking to learn to fly? Want to improve your pilot skills?
List Price: $89.95
Product Code ROD-HTF-BK
Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane
Looking to learn to fly? Want to improve your pilot skills?
List Price: $59.95


Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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